x = independently organised TED event





A fable is one of the most enduring forms of folk literature found in the books of every culture. It is basically a literary genre which is briefly expressed in prose poetries and verses depicting characters, featuring animals having the ability to speak and translate their emotions in methods primarily adopted by humans and the human civilization. Viewing all the classical yet popular pieces of literature from across the globe, this brings us to utilize the TEDx platform to rejuvenate and re-inculcate the morals that people suppress in their day-to-day life because we believe that there is a fable hidden in every being.


Thinkers, Do-ers, Idea-generators. TEDx speakers are people who are willing to inform and inspire, surprise and delight. They come from all sorts of background and have experience in varied fields of work. They come up with world changing ideas and give inspiration to million others. For TEDxREVAUniversity, we contacted and invited few such people who are willing to share their ideas with us, and are ready to inspire us for the next big leap.

The Team

To host an event of this magnitude, we needed a team. A team which would stick together and prevail in times of need while simaltaneously helping each other out. So, we gathered the best people from diverse fields. We have worked together and here we are, ready to face the challenges, ready to pull this off and shine above all.